Website Grader | What’s Your Website Grade?

You have a Web site, but how effective is it? In today’s competitive market, a Web site with marketing power gives you a big advantage over competitors.

There’s an online tool called Website Grader that can give you some pretty interesting insight. But…here’s the catch…it’s free.

Yup. Free. As in no cash. As in dollars that STAY in your cash register. (applause) even named it a 2010 Best Online Software winner for Web Designers. Honestly, the folks who developed it over at HubSpot are geniuses and I’ve half a mind to invite them over for dinner. It’s a resource that’s been lurking about for some time now (a deep, not-so-dark secret of  website consultants like me), so today I’m giving you the chance to get on the Grader Train!

But why should I care about my website’s “grade?” Isn’t HAVING ONE enough?

Grab a Snickers – we’re going to chat. You CARE because your website is seen by two very specific audiences: search engines and your site visitors. If the search engines can’t READ the stuff on your site, then fewer VISITORS are going to come to your site from the search engines. Cool? Cool. Let’s roll:

Go to:

The process is simple: you just enter your website address, wait about 30-seconds and hold your breath for the results. Don’t turn blue…they’re coming and there’s a really cool orange graphic to keep you entertained.

Website Grader covers several aspects of your website in their report, including SEO (search engine optimization), your blog (yes, you should have one), your social media efforts (yes, you should have some) and competitive intelligence (I don’t know how they figure this one out, but it’s cool).

Website Grader will also tell you if any of your images lack ALT tags (always important), it will give you your Google Page Rank, traffic rank, blog rank, number of inbound links and the number of pages Google has indexed for your site. (But wait, there’s more!)

You can also add website addresses of your competitors to sneak a peek at their website grade as well. Heck – be one of THOSE guys and run a Website Grader report on ALL your competitors’ sites! WOOOO!

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a solid tool that will look at your website, tell you what you’ve got and tell you what you’re missing, Website Grader is the key. It’s fast, simple and free and when you implement changes, you can go back and grade your site again. Discernible improvement – pretty cool! And while there are no Ginsu knives offered with Website Grader, we think that it’s one of the best tools a business owner can use to evaluate their online presence.

By the way, Website Blueprint’s grade is over 90…that’s good ;-). If your grade falls short, reach out to us for some website consulting.