Small Business Website Checklist

There are two types of websites. Those that attract, persuade and connect with customers, and those that don’t. If your website includes the elements below, you’re on your way to an online presence that is a true modern marketing tool.

  • checklistThe design and layout of our website is clean, professional and mobile friendly.
  • Our navigation makes it easy to find what visitors are looking for. Test it. Have the most Internet-challenged person you know go to your site and locate certain pages/information.
  • Every page of our website is Google-friendly. This means that each page title and page description is unique and contains the correct number of characters (up to 60 for page titles and 150-160 for page descriptions).
  • We’re using a professional email marketing service to generate new web leads and build rapport with visitors. Your email signup form (or a link to your form) should be visible with a call-to-action on every page of your website.
  • We have a blog as part of our website that we utilize to share company news or helpful tips for our customers.
  • We have signed up for a free Google account and utilize Google Analytics (web stats), Google Webmaster Tools (several benefits) and have our (local) business on Google Maps.
  • We are utilizing at least one type of social media to promote our business and website. More social media = more exposure.
  • Our contact information is at the bottom of every page. Include your physical address for extra SEO benefits.
  • Our website content/copy is written in a conversational tone. Don’t let your website feel too stiff and impersonal.
  • Our web address is promoted everywhere we advertise and on every piece of stationary and sales literature.