Is Your Website a Sales Funnel?

There’s a really big concept that’s important to get your arms around when it comes to your small business website. Yet, very few small business owners know it (which means there’s a big opening for you). In fact, what’s really wild is that even a majority of website pros, including web designers, web developers, and agencies don’t take advantage of it either.

What is it?

Your website must act as a sales funnel if it is to be a profitable, money-making marketing tool.

Website Sales FunnelThere are two types of websites, those that make money and those that don’t. After all, why waste your time with a website unless you’re going to make more money. Understanding the sales funnel concept will help you build your business with the help of your website as a marketing tool.

The website as a sales funnel concept is universal to nearly all small businesses: fitness centers, insurance agents, printing companies, house-cleaning services, funeral homes, and on and on and on.

Once your website is online, it has one primary function as a marketing tool. And that is you want the visitor to take some kind of action. Right? That could be learning something specific, picking up the phone, filling out a form, deciding to visit you, or buying something. Any of those outcomes are good outcomes.

Visit some local small business websites (and even local web designer websites). As you’re browsing, look for four elements that will indicate if that website is just an online business card or a true marketing tool.

These are the essential elements that turn “just a website” into a sales funnel.

1.    Does their website have proper Google SEO elements (including page titles and relevant content)?
2.    Is there a place on every page where visitors can sign up to receive tips and/or company news via email?
3.    Is there a blog or news page that’s updated at least every few weeks with fresh content?
4.    Does it display an icon or link to at least one form of social media?

Once your website is online, or if you already have one and you’re wanting to make it start working for you, be sure that your website have these essential elements that will turn your small business website into a sales funnel.