Online & SEO Copywriting | Audio Interview

Writing website copy that engages your visitors, as well as the search engines (SEO: Search Engine Optimization) is one of the greedy little secrets of online marketing pros.

Erika Napoletano of Red Head Writing knows all about it! We recently got together and talked for 45 jam-packed minutes about online and SEO copywriting for small business owners. You’ll love it if you want to grab an insiders advantage over your competitors online.

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Here are some of the questions Erika and I discussed about writing for the web in our conversation:

  • Three most important thoughts to keep in mind when writing copy for your website?
  • What makes online copywriting more memorable and worth reading for visitors?
  • How important is adding personality to your website writing?
  • What are the benefits to sharing more of your personality online?
  • How can you find your online writing voice?
  • How much longer do visitors stick around when web copy is engaging?
  • How does a company website create a voice that represents their business?
  • What should a website owner look for in a copywriter?
  • Should you think about SEO when writing copy or after you’re done writing?
  • How do you write for your visitors as well as the search engines?
  • Should website pages and blog posts have the same voice?
  • Should a company have a business voice or an individual’s voice writing blog posts?
  • How can a small business owner create subject lines and page titles that grab attention?
  • How many words to maximize a web page or blog post to increase readability and SEO?
  • What websites, blogs, and books are recommended for business owners to learn more about website and SEO copywriting?