Creating a Business Website – Keep it Simple

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Creating a Business Website ~ Keep it SimpleCreating a business website is easy. You only need time to do it all yourself (not recommended – trust me) or money to pay someone to do it all for you (that can get expensive). It’s my job to help you minimize both your investment in time and dollars.

The difficult thing for any small business owner to do is to keep not only the process, but the final product, as simple as possible.

Whether you’re creating your first website or redoing an existing website, you’ll want to take the process in phases rather than trying to accomplish everything at once. Take your time and get the basic elements of your small business website online, then start adding the extras. It’s much like decorating a new home – there’s no reason to start picking out area rugs before the floor is even built.

When creating a business website, keeping it simple also refers to the web design and layout of your site. This is surprisingly difficult because it’s our tendency to want to put more on our website than is necessary. When it comes to design and layout, always think simple, clean and inviting.

A website with a clean design, simple navigation and ease of use is what will provide the safest solution to your web building dilemma. Your end goal is to create a business website that is both professional and effective.

It’s difficult to keep things simple when you want to tell visitors all about your business. Try to avoid the temptation. Just provide enough content to move your visitor to the next phase of your website sales funnel.

Most small businesses want to say too much when creating a business website. We want to explain too much. We want to show too much. We want to wow too much.

Another reason to keep it simple is of the short length of time visitors will spend on your website. If you’re lucky, a few minutes at most. That’s it. They’ve come to get the information they were wondering about, and move on. Keeping it simple gives you the best opportunity to move the visitor closer to becoming a customer.

Remembering to keep it simple will serve you well in all facets of creating and recreating a professional small business online.

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