How to Create New Business with Email Marketing

Every time a person visits your web site and leaves without taking action, you have lost a prospect. The easiest way to capture that prospect and lead them into your online sales funnel is through the effective use of email marketing. Building an email list through your web site is a crucial element of keeping in touch with your prospects and increasing your sales.

Once visitors reach your website, they’ll do one of three things. They take action (make contact, sign up or buy something), bookmark you or click away. If someone takes action, great! If they click away, there’s not much you can do. And don’t count on those bookmarking you to come back anytime soon.

Fortunately, with a smart email marketing game plan and the right invitation, you’ve got your best shot for capturing their email addresses. And that can only mean one thing; more business.

Step #1

Utilize a professional online email marketing service that provides the tools and support you need to be successful. There are several options depending on the size of your company. If you have a webmaster, ask what they use. If not, here are the most reliable and popular email marketing services we recommend:

Step #2

Create the form at your email marketing services website and paste the code for that form into your web pages. This is not as hard as it sounds. The email marketing service will have a simple way to create the form, and you or your webmaster can just paste it right into your web site.

Step #3

Create a compelling offer why a visitor should join your email list. Best ideas include a special white paper or special report, a helpful top 10 list about your business or industry or even a coupon for toward their first purchase. If you want the best shot for getting those email addresses? Offer all three for more signups.

Step #4

Create a thank you or autoresponder message. This is the email your new subscriber will receive after they’ve signed up on your web site. This is a great place to introduce yourself, provide them what you offered in your invitation and let them know how you can help them any further.

Step #5

Stay in touch with your subscribers at least once a month. What should you email your list? Well, anything that would interest them as a potential customer.

– Think about the frequently asked questions people ask you about your business or industry. Each of those answers could be a future eblast (email broadcast).

– Send interesting articles or blog posts you come across. No, you can’t just copy and paste an article you found and treat it as your own. But, you can make an opening statement or provide some tips surrounding an article, and then include some of the article’s text, as well as a link where your subscriber can read the rest. Commenting on other articles or blog posts of interest to your prospects is a great way to stay in touch with little work on your part.

– Sales and special offers are perfect for email marketing. You can notify your subscribers about anything you need to promote. You can pre-schedule your emails weeks in advance.

These days, it’s all about building relationships and making an impact with those that visit your site. Email marketing is one of the most effective tools you can use to connect with your web site visitors and stay in touch until they become a new client or customer.