Website Blueprint: The Beginners Guide for Small Business Owners

Website Blueprint

Website Blueprint was created for busy small business owners. This is the first book every entrepreneur should read in order to understand everything that’s required to have a successful online presence.

This isn’t your typical confusing “how to build a website” book. It’s a guide that describes (in step-by-step detail) how to create/recreate, manage, and market the perfect small business website.

You’ll find easy to follow directions on getting organized, finding a designer even when you’re on a budget, and how to reduce the time and stress of getting your website online. It even includes do-it-yourself tips on Google SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, business blogging, social media, and more.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Perfect Small Business Website

Chapter 2: Ready. Set. Go.

Let’s Get Organized- p.7

Back It Up – p.9

Your Web Host – p.11

Your Domain Name – p.13

Your Email Address – p.18

Chapter 3: Meet WordPress and Google Apps

WordPress: Your Website Platform – p.21

Your Google Apps Account – p.23

Chapter 4: Finding Help

Choices-Choices-Choices – p.31

Working with Your Web Developer – p.39

Chapter 5: Design, Layout, Content

Selecting Your Website/Blog Theme- p.43

Layout and Design Tips – p.47

Website Copy: Words that Sell – p.51

Chapter 6: SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The Power of SEO – p.55

Step-by-Step SEO – p.57

Chapter 7: Email Marketing

The Power of Email Marketing – p.69

Aweber Setup – p.82

Chapter 8: The Business of Blogging

The Power of a Blog – p.95

WordPress Setup – p.99

Chapter 9: Promotion

Local Promotion – p.109

Online Promotion – p.112

PPC/AdWords Advertising – p.113

Chapter 10: Social Media

Twitter – p.122

Facebook – p.125

LinkedIn – p.128

YouTube and Flickr – p.133

Chapter 11: What Could Be Left?

Maintenance, Upkeep, and the Big Backup – p.143

Your Backup Game Plan – p.145

Taking a Test Drive – p.148

Google Analytics and Web Stats – p.149

Learning Resources – p.156

Chapter 12: A WordPress Tour – p.161


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